Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography is intended to demonstrate the ways that existing is already considering TKs in law, policy and natural resource management. Additionally, this bibliography provides access to research which addresses ongoing issues surrounding the protection and use of TKs, including appropriation of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property, legal and policy hurdles that TK users and holders face in collaborating in an equitable manner with researchers, government agencies and others, and the development of research protocols to ensure just collaboration between TK holders and researchers. This bibliography was created to provide additional resources for agency staff, tribal staff and others to increase understanding of existing issues in research and collaboration with Indigenous people regarding TK and emerging opportunities for the involvement of TK holders and users in climate change initiatives.

Carson Viles, a researcher with the Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project at the University of Oregon, developed this annotated bibliography with support from Tulalip Tribes, North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative and the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station.

Download here: Annotated Bibliography – Climate and Traditional Knowledges

If you have suggestions for additional literature, please use the form below to submit your suggestions. 


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